The secret to an effective Type C waterproofing solution

7th November 2012

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The secret of a good Type C drained waterproofing system; it’s all in the Sump & Pump Unit

As structural waterproofing specialists, it's essential that we get things right first time, especially when specifying products for a project.

Here at Deepshield we get involved in both Type A (barrier protection) and the Type C (drained protection), we also understand the needs and the critical areas which need to be right.

A Type C drained protection waterproofing system is where membranes are fitted to the walls and floors, these allow water to pass behind, a perimeter drainage channel is buried in the floor around the wall/floor joint area to collect and divert the water to a locally fitted sump chamber. The sump chamber holds the water and the fitted pump kicks into action when the water level reaches a set height, extracting the water to a suitable drain off point.

As the Type C doesn’t stop water from entering through the structure the system is very reliant on the built in sump pump removing the water quickly and effectively or flooding is inevitable.

With the sump pump being the backbone of a Type C waterproofing system, we felt it important to use what we consider to be the best standard sump and pump system on the market, where required a purpose built sump and pump unit will be commissioned.

After studying the flow rates, pumping heights and power consumption data supplied by some of the main sump and pump suppliers, we were surprised to see such a big gap in performance, especially as they all sold for similar money.

Some of the differences seen were as follows:
Litres of water pumped at 3m head height, 129 liters per minute to 200 litres per minute.
Litres of water pumped at 4m head height, 95 liters per minute to 200 litres per minute.
Maximum pumping head ranging between 5.9m and 12m

All this data may not seem important now or when you initially appoint a contractor to carry out the waterproofing works, it will however becomes mighty relevant once the conversion is complete and you are experiencing a period of prolonged heavy rain.

From the data we observed it became apparent to us the best performing  pump unit was in the Sentry Range from Safeguard Chemicals. Although this range of sump units was one of the more costly, we did however feel the cost was justified by its superior performance, offering reassurance and value for money. 

We have been a long standing customer of Safeguard Chemicals, and the information gained here reaffirms why, we want to use quality products and that what we get.

That’s why all our Type C drained waterproofing systems which require a pump come complete with a high performing Sentry Sump unit.

Our waterproofing solutions are installed all over the North, covering Leeds, Bradford, Harrogate, York, Sheffield and Huddersfield to name but a few.

Please call Sean or Bryan for further advice.......

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