Basement Waterproofing with independent accreditation by Deepshield

 Waterproofing basements and other below ground structures is technically challenging.

How can clients check that there's substance to the claims for quality and service which we make? Well, one way is to see which third party organisations have checked us out and approved us.

Have we the technical skills needed to waterproof your basement? - Check out our Property Care Association membership and ConstructionLine listing.

Do we meet good consumer protection and service standards? Look us up on TrustMark and at the Federation of Master Builders web site.

Are we a responsible employer with trained staff and well-motivated employees? Investors in People think so.

Is it safe to entrust the work to us? Our CHAS accreditation means that we meet health & Safety standards, as does our Property Care Association membership. Our managing director is an Associate of The Institute of Occupational Safety and health, putting the safety of our clients, partners and staff at the front of our basement waterproofing activities.

All or staff are CSCS card showing they are qualified technicians having passed the health and safety awareness test to prove it. This takes time and effort, which we feel is well worth the cost.

For more details on these important quality, service and safety approvals, have a closer look below.

The Property Care Association members

The Property Care Association members

Formerly part of the BWPDA  (British Wood Preserving and Damp-proofing Association), the PCA is the trade body for the structural waterproofing, wood preservation, damp proofing, wall tie replacement and structural maintenance industries in the UK.

Gaining membership involves a strict vetting procedure, regular quality audits and acceptance of the PCA's code or conduct and ethics. Insurance and Health & Safety standards have to be met too. Only committed and qualified basement waterproofing and structural repair companies gain membership. The PCA also supplies essential industry recognised and on-going training for our staff, on rising damp, condensation control, woodworm treatment, basement waterproofing and dry rot control.

The PCA logo is always worth looking for, when searching for a specialist in waterproofing basements and below ground structures. Without it, there is no way of knowing if the specialists' capability, competence, insurance and qualifications, have been independently vetted - without the logo anyone can call themselves a basement waterproofihg specialist or structural repairs specialist - even if they have never passed any exams or had any training in basement waterproofing at all.

The PCA runs annual awards for excellence in the industry. We are very proud that for the second time in three years, we have been highly commended for our training and personal development of our staff - high quality wall tie, waterproofing or Helifix installation needs high quality people... people like us.

Check-out the Property Care Association web site for further details - We are listed under our parent company Brick-Tie Limited

Our Basement waterproofing service is available across the north including Leeds, Harrogate, Manchester, Sheffield, Bradford and York.

Structural repairs including Cintec and Helifix systems are carried out over an even wider area including Manchester, Leeds, Skipton, Bradford, Wakefield, Derby, Lincoln, York, Harrogate, Ripon, Birmingham, and nationally for more specialised contracts.

The Wall Tie Installers Federation

The Wall Tie Installers Federation

If you are looking for a wall tie specialist The Wall Tie Installers Federation is the representative trade organisation for registered installers of replacement cavity wall ties and related services in the UK.

Most registered wall tie installers also offer the ancillary services, such as lateral restraints and bed-joint reinforcement, all carried out in conformity with the recommendations of the Building Research Establishment. The WTIF have a wall tie gurantee insurance bonding scheme, covering cavity wall tie work, which is only available to members.

Brick-Tie are proud to be one of the founder members of the Wall Tie Installers Federation, joining right back in the 1980's when cavity wall tie replacement was in it's infancy.

We are still only one of a handful of members in the Yorkshire region.

Visit the Wall tie Installers Federation web site for further details

Our wall tie surveys are available in Leeds, Bradford, Harrogate, York, Wakefield, Sheffield and across the North.

CHAS - your assurance of safety competence

CHAS - your assurance of safety competence

This is another logo which you may not be familar with, but is very important, though you won't see it on many cavity wall tie specialist and Basement waterproofing companies web sites.

Without it we couldn't work for many of our local authority partners or larger organisation who are keen to promote good safety standards. They insist that their wall tie and basement waterproofing approved contractors pass this hurdle, often before they are even allowed to tender for work.

The Contractors Health And Safety Assesment Scheme (CHAS), involves strict checks on a company's safety practices and safety records to ensure that they are aware and are meeting basic safety laws.

The scheme is operated independetly of companies, so in effect the logo is your assurance that someone qualified in health & safety has checked us out thoroughly to a set government approved criterior.

Waterproofing basements and cellars, structural repairs and cavity wall tie work all carry risks for our staff and for others on the site. 

We are often working at height (wall ties and structural repairs), drilling and hammering (Cintec anchors, Helifix work and Storm Dry application), using chemicals, working in confined spaces (structural waterproofing and vandex tanking). This is all risky stuff - for us - for you and for others on the site.

As CHAS accredited contractors we identify those risks and hazards and ensure that any risk of harm is minimised. That's worth something and it's why we value and are very proud of our CHAS accreditation and another reason why you can entrust your basement waterproofing, wall tie replacement or structural repairs to us.

Check out the CHAS web site

Safe and responsible basement waterproofing and cavity wall tie installatiion is available by Deepshield In Leeds, Harrogate, Wetherby, Ripon, York, Malton, Selby, Doncaster, Sheffield and Wakefield.

Call for more information or to book a survey

Helifix Approved Contractors

Helifix Approved Contractors

As part of the Brick-Tie family of businesses we are Helifix approved contractors.

Helifix are the leading company in stress free structural repair systems and are forerunners of the helical reinforcement methods used to repair and strengthen masonry.

Before Helifix approve anyone thay carry out a strict vetting proceedure and insist on completion of a detailed course of study on their Helifix engineers course.

Passing their strict tests ensures they they can be confident in including Brick-Tie on their approval list and this also allows Brick-Tie access to the Helifix design and installation insurance guarantee package.

The combination of our experience and knowledge combines with Helifix's superb range of helical bar repair and wall tie systems.

The end benefit is to our clients, who can rely on the fact that we are vetted, experienced and proficient in all Helifix repairs methods - we and Helifix guarantee this.

For Helifix remedial wall ties, lateral restraints and helibeam work call our Helifix System approved engineers Bryan or Sean for a survey, advice or a technical presentation.

Helifix Systems available via Deepshield include Helibeam, RetroTie, BowTie, CemTie, MorTie, DryFix, Slip-Tie and the full crack-stitching and lateral restraint range.

Areas covered for wall tie and structural repairs include - Sheffield, York, Skipton, Harrogate, Bradford, Huddersfield, Wakefield and of course - Leeds.

Investor in People accredited

Investor in People accredited

What has this to do with wall tie work, Cintec installation, Helifix installation or Basement waterproofing? Well, to us, it's crucial.

It's a logo often seen on the web sites and letterheads of larger organisation, like government departments, schools and larger successful businesses, we are proud of our IIP accreditation. Even small firms can aspire to great things and that is what we thrive on here in Deepshield.

We won the award in 2007 and have recently being re-accredited following an inspection in early 2011. A basement waterproofing company with poorly motivated and unhappy employees, who are not engaged with the business will usually deliver poor service and quality and may not survive.

In choosing an IIP holder you know that the staff working for you feel valued and are consulted in the development and direction the company is going in; they're not just turning up for work; they love it.

Much of our basement waterproofing work is hidden on completion; under floors and in cavity walls, where it can't be seen. Waterproofing and wall tie work in particular can be 'botched' if the installer is not diligent and dedicated. Our entire team are enthusiastic and engaged in giving you the best possible job - they've decided that that is the direction they want to go in - they haven't just been told to 'get on with it'.

IIP accreditation takes time and effort to achieve, but we believe that the discipline this places on us, feeds through to better service and performance for customers. Keeps us all happy in our work too, so it's a double whammy!

find out more about the Investor In People scheme here.

Deepshield's qualified and enthusiastic team work on Basement waterproofing, Cintec and Helifix repairs and wall tie installations across the North, for customers in Bradford, Leeds, Manchester, Sheffield, Harrogate, Wakefield, Huddersfield and York

ConstructionLine -your assurance of financial stability and competence

ConstructionLine -your assurance of financial stability and competence

Constructionline is the Government's national register for suppliers. The Construction Line accreditation is similar to CHAS, though the focus is on our ability to cope with the specialist work we do, both financially and technically.

Cavity wall tie work on a large housing estate or block of hi-rise flats is big important stuff - stuff we do every year. Many government departments and local authorities use the ContructionLine database to find pre-vetted contractors, who have had to prove that they are capable of doing the wall tie work or structural repairs they want to tender for; have excellent technical references and are financially sound. These contracts can't just be sent out to a few specialists chosen at random from the yellow pages or simply googled; the stakes are too high wheer wall tie installation, Cintec or Helifix ties are involved.

The benefit for us is reduced paperwork, in that we don't always have to fill in a pre-tender questionnaire (though often we do). It also lets new clients see that we take our wall tie replacement and masonry repair work seriously and again, the outside scrutiny keeps us on our toes.

Find out more about the ConstructionLine scheme.

Housing Associations, District councils, County Councils, Large Building contractors and others use ConstructionLine to find Qualified Cavity Wall Tie replacement and masonry repair specialists across the North of England, including Sheffield, Doncaster, Selby, York, Wakefield, Leeds, Bradford and Harrogate.

Call us for further details or to book a structural or Wall tie Survey or quotation