Our Clients - Deepshield Waterproofing Solutions

Demanding client's need and receive exceptional waterproofing service

As part of the Brick-Tie business we are proud to serve the North's domestic homeowners, whether back-to-backs at Leeds, terraced housing around Sheffield, semi's in York, bungalows in Wakefield and flats in Manchester.

We also work for many commercial and prestige clients, on a very wide variety of projects.

Some of these are featured here so that you can see the diverse range of skills we have and the high quality demanding clients who are happy to rely on us. Whether your needs are a small amount of work or a complex structural project; we've been there and have the essential experience you need.

The trade skills needed on small and very large contracts are no different and we pride ourselves in giving our best, regardless of the size or scope of the work.

On larger contracts the work environment is different, with strict health and safety criteria. In the case of Prison work, very high security considerations come into play.

listed buildings too, have particular needs; using traditional materials, obeying conservation protocols and keeping everyone informed and always safe.

Adair Paxton - One of Yorkshire's leading Estate Agents Harrogate borough Council Solving rising damp problems at Leeds University

Join our prestigious client base by calling Leeds - 0113 265 2752, York - 01904 566 577 or Wakefield - 01924 582 450. Alternatively, get in touch through our contact page.