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12th June 2012

External waterproofing system
External waterproofing system

Waterproofing Huddersfield

When a recently built basement apartment in Huddersfield began to suffer from ground water ingress, Sean Tristram-Jones from Deepshield, and Robert Deary from Safeguard Europe, were asked to come up with a suitable BS8102 waterproofing solution.

As the apartment block was fully occupied, the solution had to be effective whilst being discrete. We at Deepshield wanted our waterproofing solution to create minimal disturbance to the neighbouring properties, especially during the installation.

Digging up the surrounding external car park was not an option, so an internal Type C cavity drain waterproofing system was recommended, although many other waterproofing and tanking systems were considered.

As the property was on a sloping site, this meant the rear wall of the apartment was above ground level. It has always been our philosophy at Deepshield that 'if it’s not needed, don't fit it' so a cost effective gravity flow drainage system was endorsed.

As our specification didn't include the installation of a sump and pump, it saved our client thousands of pounds; both on the installation and the future pump servicing costs.

Actually, by not installing a pump in this instance, effectively enhanced the reliability of the waterproofing solution, rather than compromising it, as some other contractors had done by recommending a pump.

After successfully winning the contract, we consulted with the site Structural engineer; discussing the location and the safe cutting depth of the floor drainage channels, a final specification was drawn up which satisfied all parties.

Our low dust and low noise cutting equipment was brought in, this vastly reduced the impact of the works on the neighbouring properties.

Once the floor channels had been formed, they were coated using Vandex waterproofing slurry, the surrounding floor areas was also sealed using a high quality waterproofing resin; which removed future potential problems of dampness around these otherwise, vulnerable areas.

Our cavity drain membrane was then curtain hung to cover the affected walls; directing any ground water entering the apartment down to the floor channels; where Aquadrain drainage channel was fitted.

Inspection/ maintenance ports were also incorporated into the Aquadrain channel, thus allowing us to test the drainage to ensure it carried the excess water safely out of the property. The ports also allowed for future cleaning of the channel, ensuring the performance, reliability and longevity of the basement waterproofing system for years to come.

Once the structural waterproofing system was complete, a freestanding stud wall was constructed in front to hide and protect the membrane. Once complete, the property owner was satisfied in the knowledge that a low risk, low maintenance waterproofing system was in place to deal with any future water ingress Huddersfield can throw at it!

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