Waterproofing for a high school in Rochdale

11th April 2013

Type C waterproofing membrane, cellar waterproofing, basement waterproofing, basement drainage
Type C waterproofing membrane, cellar waterproofing, basement waterproofing, basement drainage

High School in Rochdale

There are many reasons for waterproofing existing wet structures, but this one was a first for us...

Whilst climbing is an outdoor sport, the weather can spoil it if it's too windy or raining. So the solution was to build a climbing wall indoors, so training and fun could go on whatever the weather.

However, parts of the work were below ground level and reliable structural waterproofing was essential, to protect the School's investement and of course; keep the students dry.

After a site inspection the Oldroyd range of cavity drain membranes, along with Safeguard aquadrain was specified. This was applied by our technicians and linked to existing drainage to form an effective Type C cavity drain membrane waterproofing stsem, in accordance with BS 8102.

Working with the general contractor, we ensured that the system can be easily maintained in compliance with BS8102 and good practice.

Drainage channels with inspection ports were installed at the foot of the membrane, this was set in place to remove any seepage, unseen and effectivly, from behind the membranes, the drainage was linked to a suitable external drain allowing any water to a discharge point. No sump and pump required in this instance.

The entire facilty is now encapsulated within the protection of the waterproofing system and the internal fit-out, via the main contractor complies with the latest insulation standards, leaving this space dry and ready for sport to commence.

The project presented issues for us to address in our specification, such as the need to waterproof the structure without incresing structural loads via hydrostatic pressure, and the clients desire for a fast drying time, so that the work would not delay the program.

The work is now guaranteed for 10 years.

For further details on basement waterproofing call customer services free on 0800 591 541 or use the contact us page.

Our qualified structural waterproofing surveyors cover the North of England from our base in Yorkshire. All types of proven waterproofing methods are employed by us including The entire range of Vandex cementitious waterproofing products.

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