Continuing Professional Development in Yorkshire for surveyors

10th March 2013

The deepshield waterproofing solutions team

Continuing Professional Development in Yorkshire

The Thorpe Park Hotel was the venue for our latest March 2013 CPD event in Leeds.

With around 40 delegates including: Structural Engineers, Architects and Building Surveyors, the morning was based around updating the attendees on the latest technical details and products within the three subjects covered.

Structural repairs:

Bryan Hindle MD presented the first session, based around structural issues in buildings, he explored problems such as wall tie corrosion, masonry restraint issues and other forms of cracking which can occur in the fabric of a building. The presentation covered surveying techniques and repair methods including traditional and modern methods.

Sean Tristram-Jones explains the finer points of BS 8102 to Yorkshire delelgates
Sean Tristram-Jones explains the finer points of Basement waterproofing to BS8102
Basement waterproofing to BS8102:

Sean Tristram-Jones then drilled down into basement waterproofing methods, and explained the importance of having a qualified CSSW qualified surveyor in the design team. The more relevant parts of BS8102 were explained; including which waterproofing methods should or shouldn’t be used in different situations. Injection waterproofing was also explained and included a demonstration on how the injection resin, foam and gels react in different situations – a real magic show.

Stopping basement leaks fast with Deepshield's injection resins
Sean demostrates the practical application of MC foaming resin for crack sealing against a head of water.
Damp & condensation:

Our final presentation was carried out by Stephen Hodgson; The CEO at the Property Care Association. This was a very well received, balanced, and informative presentation which gave a real insight on surveying techniques and damp issues which can occur in buildings today.

PCA ceo Steve Hodgson talk damp proofing and damp diagnosis at Deepshield's CPD Seminar in Leeds
The Property Care Association CEO Steve Hodgson waxes lyrical on damp diagnosis....
Technical assistance

On hand were three of our main product suppliers, who over the years we have built up a trust through long established relationships. James Plaskitt – Helifix, Robert Deary – Safeguard Europe, Andrew Allen – Cintec International were all at hand to give technical assistance to all the attendees during coffee and lunch breaks.

We would like to give a big thank you to all those who attended the event and for the exceptional feedback given.

Due to the success further CPD event dates will be issued in due course, however for larger establishments we do offer our lunch and learn office based presentations which cover the previously mentioned topics, with the addition of Timber Decay & Infestation in buildings, for further details contact the office.

For a flavour of the technical information on offer why not take a look at some of our basement waterproofing and structuiral repair technical articles....

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