Masonry Strengthening

Masonry Strengthening

For Helifix or Cintec solutions, Deepshield have the answer

Buildings crack, walls move and bulge....... where rebuilding is not an option, Deepshield have the answer.

With well over 25 years in the masonry repair business; Our team have the skills and experience to fix these problems fast. City & Guilds qualified remedial technicians are the key to our success.

Past projects include Cintec anchors in York's historic city walls, Riber castel, Helifix helibars in Windmills and countless barns and cottages: We are fully approved by the two leading manufactureres of engineered masonry repair systems:

  • Cintec International (bespoke grouted anchor system and wall ties)
  • Helifix (Wide ranging structural stabilisation methods and wall ties)

Often the listed buildings we work on need particular care and a range of methods - every building is different.

This is where our experience and independence is vital. A range of repair options, tailored to meet the needs of our clients and their buildings are considered.

In rubble filled and high performance situations the Cintec grouted anchor range offers unrivalled flexibility and proven success on thousands of past projects. The Helifix range is economical and robust.

No system of structural or wall tie repair can work without diligent installation and this is where we excel. Qualified wall tie technicians and a detailed and robust quality control procedure ensure that the work, which is often hidden from view, meets the specification or more usually, exceeds it.

We aqlso offer traditional lime grouting and plastic stone repairs to listed buildings.

As part of Brick-Tie we are well known in the industry and trusted by many Engineer's, Surveyors, Architects and local authorities, who rely daily on our expertise.

Don't just take our word for this- check the Insight newsletters on our media page, where Structural Engineers, Architects, Surveyors, local authorities and major contractors, who have worked with us, commend our expertise and reliability.

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