Clean and check service for your basement drainage system

Clean and check service for your basement drainage system

Service requirements

Cavity drain waterproofing membrane systems rely upon any water entering the basement, being diverted away by gravity to a pumped sump system or other suitable drain off point.

Although our drainage and pumping stations are one of the most reliable units on the market, silt can eventually build and clog them up leading to a possible failure of the waterproofing system.

Here at Deepshield we have highly trained technicians who are experts in maintaining the sump pumps and the drainage channel which plays a crucial role in your Type C waterproofing system.

To remain effective your pump needs to be inspected and cleaned regularly – in most cases only once a year.

Our clean and check includes:
  • remove, inspect, descale and reinstall the sump pump/s as required
  • clean the sump chamber free of any lime or debris
  • inspect the non-return valve for functionality
  • check the discharge pipe for blockages
  • check the running sequence of the pump/s
  • check the alarm for functionality (where fitted)
  • check the backup system for functionality (where fitted)
  • check and flush the perimeter drainage channel
  • replace any parts as necessary to maintain the effectiveness of the waterproofing system (parts and fitting may be chargeable)

Have your basement sump and pump maintained by the experts so you can be safe in the knowledge that the heart of your dry basement is in good hands!

For further information on Clean and check service for your basement drainage system, please contact us.