Surveying Services

Surveying Services

Cavity Wall Tie Surveys

Deepshield is a trading name of Brick-Tie Limited, which is the best known and longest established wall tie specialist in The Nrth of England. We've installed hundreds of thousands of wall ties over a twenty six year period, from Leeds to Sheffield, from Harrogate to York, so nobody has more experience than our cavity wall tie technicians.

Not all cavity wall ties rust though and surprisingly, two houses which look identical from outside and are the same age may have completely different standards of tie in them. A proper detailed wall tie survey is the only way the level of corrosion, if any, can be discovered.

With thousands of wall tie surveys already done, we've proven our skill and integrity again and again. Our written reports, containing digital images of the wall ties, as seen through the surveyor's boroscope, carry the credibility and the detail this important defect demands.

More and more houses now have cavity wall insulation installed and special care is needed when surveying these for wall tie corrosion problems; we have the know-how to do this for you properly.

Most of our wall tie surveys are free throughout Yorkshire and the North - additional video endoscopy and density and embedment surveys are available for commercial clients - fees subject to negotiation.

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