Waterproofing Existing Basements

Waterproofing Existing Basements

Waterproofing Existing Basements and cellars - Deepshield

In the past most cellars were used just for storage or were wasted space.

Modern waterproofing methods mean these can be converted to bedrooms, kitchens, study's and games rooms.

We've helped many customers add more usable space, by waterproofing these areas, with superb results. Dingy, damp and dark cellars are effectivly transformed using the latest proven waterproofing systems.

Waterproofing cellars requires skill and diligence, from all involved. Let's face it; if water gets into a completed basement, it's a disaster.  So it's important to get the method specified properly and that's where our skilled and properly qualified surveyors come in.

The Certificated Surveyor in Structural Waterproofing qualification is nationally accepted, as the standard to look for and the letters CSSW tell you that your surveyor has been independently scrutinised and had his knowledge validated by examination. We have two of these in our team, covering the North of England.

Whether using membranes, or a 'tanked' solution, care in application is crucial too. Our staff have years of training and experience, using Safeguard's Oldroyd Cavity Drain Membrane methods, Vandex cementitious methods and often a combination of these.

Below ground areas like garages, store rooms, cinemas, restaurants and kitchens, all over the North have been successfully waterproofed by us over the last 20 years or so.

As members of the Property Care Association we can offer up to twenty year guarantees, which are fully insured via the Guarantee Protection Insurance scheme.

There are basements in Leeds, York, Harrogate, Sheffield, Richmond, Sowerby Bridge and Manchester which are dry due to our waterproofing systems.

Call Sean Tristam-Jones CSSW CSRT or Bryan Hindle CSSW CSRT for more information, to book a survey or a technical presentation.

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