Wall Tie installations

Wall Tie installations

Wall Tie Specialist Installations - all over the North

We've been installing remedial cavity wall ties for over 25 years - all over the North of England and in all types of buildings; for homeowners, housing associations, local authorities and investors.

Actually the standard wall tie installation is not rocket science and any competent and diligent tradesman can complete a domestic cavity wall tie job. Remedial ties are available on eBay so...Why use a specialist?

Well, our work involves knowledge of the correct standards, such as the building regulations, types of ties for the wall in question and of course all the drills, machines and testing equipment needed to make sure everything is perfect.

There's safe access of course, scaffolding and such, plus insurance and guarantees. As a Wall Tie Installers Federation specialist, we have all this and we are much better and faster than a general contractor, who may never have done a wall tie replacement contract before. Most people don't realise that the City & Guilds institute do offer a qualification for wall tie replacement work, so that consumers can check staff competence.

Most importantly, there's the fact that the completed work is hidden and cannot be easily checked by clients; they are taking the contractor at his word when he issues a guarantee and says the job's done right.

This is where we come in. Our wall tie technicians are not sub-contracted; they are full time employees and they care about your job and our reputation. Every single job is checked with accurate independently calibrated testing rigs, so we and you know that the ties are performing correctly. We take digital photos of these tests and record everything for our own quality management.

Our technicians know what they're doing and have the City & guilds NVQ level 2 in wall tie replacement to prove it. Old ties are found and treated correctly, so where external leaf cracking is an issue; it won't be, once we're finished.

We guarantee all our cavity wall tie work for 25 years, with a GPI guarantee scheme available too, which is accepted by banks and all other mortgage providers. Our ConstructionLine and TrustMark accreditations apply directly to this feature of our business - we've been thoroughly checked out for domestic and commercial clients, so you know we are not making false promises.

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