Stuart Lattimer - Fully Qualified Technician

Stuart Lattimer - Brick-Tie Preservations Fully Qualified Technician

Joining Brick-Tie in 1986, Stuart has worked on everything from breweries, to shops, pubs, judo clubs, cellars, nunneries, houses, hotels, bridges, universities, mills, apartments, battlements and the occasional barn and and that's by no means an exhaustive list! A fully qualified technician and more!

He is an NVQ level 2 qualified wall tie replacement and in Damp-proofing too.

Trained in the Oldroyd cavity Drain membrane range, Vandex cementitious range and Fosroc too.

He's also a cintec certified installer, with over 21 years hands-on knowledge of these structural repair anchors.

Married to Mandy, Stuart loves touring on his motorbike and can't wait for those summer days out.

Reliable, loyal and knowledgeable - we don't know where we'd be without Stuart.

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